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Mistress Sabrina Winter
My Journal

London Fetish


Arrived in London two days ago with my submissive. Spent most of that time shopping; at Little Shoe Box and Zeitgeist, in Islington, where I bought a clear PVC and safety pin corset and had two pieces made -- a hot pink rubber skirt, and black and pink rubber tank top with low neck and choker collar. Went to the National Gallery of Art today. Wore my spike heeled Dolce & Gabbana crocodile boots. I love the sound they make when they echo off the polished wood floors of the museum. The paintings are timeless. Royal families of Europe stare back at me with the wisdom of centuries.


Went to the Launch party at Cyberbar last night. Had a devil of a time trying to find this hot little club in the darkness under London Bridge I am greeted at the door by a "cop" in rubber who snaps a few pictures of me in my hand painted pink rubber tank dress and long rubber trench coat that floats at my heels with a sound like bats' wings. I walk into the next room, surrounded everywhere by kinky and wonderful figures in rubber ... A tall blonde Mistress in floor length red latex; a painfully thin vampire with a third eye in the center of his forehead; friends of mine in military uniforms. I have a conversation with a very attractive English couple. The sub is a beautiful young blonde girl who is shamelessly flirting with me. Her Master misses nothing. This is a perfect excuse for play ...We move into the back room where bondage crosses have been set up. I assist her Master in giving the shy little thing a good, firm over the knee spanking. With her cheeks burning, she thanks me demurely.


My slave arrives back in London from his business meeting in Italy. We have dinner in his room, a room service fantasy with a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon which he sips from one of my stiletto-heeled pumps, still warm from my feet ... After dinner I return to my room and slip into my gown, a floor length pour of silver latex. Ten minutes later, he meets me at my door and gets to his knees, latex polish in one hand; a soft white cloth in the other. He rubs me to a high gloss and I sweep out the door, gliding down the grand staircase of the hotel, with my slave fumbling along behind me with my rubber cape.

12:30 PM

We enter the 17th Century church, following the sensual pulse of the music, up a seemingly endless white spiral staircase, the sound of my pumps, still slightly damp, reverberating all around us. We walk through a pair of double doors flanked by two voluptuous blonde nurses. The room is huge, crowded and hot. Sweat pools deliciously between my breasts, to trickle over my stomach and thighs. The rubber clings to every curve of my body. I approach the stage, where a Master whips his shaved female sub. She wears only pumps, a leather corset and black feather wings. Her head is shaved as smooth as the rest of her. The heavy leather flogger caresses her pale flesh with a loud crack as she moans and shudders with each stroke. My slave transforms himself into a chair by getting on all fours. I sit as the Master on the stage brings out sub #2, pale and flawless as sub #1. He secures her legs to a chair with leather cuffs, and her wrists to the iron gate behind her. With expert hands he skillfully attaches a black rubber dildo to her shaved pubis, by means of piercings and rings. More people collect at the stage so I stand up on my slave's back, two other charming submissives helping me up. A photographer turns from the action on the stage to capture the spectacle of me in my gleaming silver latex standing on my pedestal. After the show ends we descend the stairs in the center of this massive room to the private play area in the cellar. It is cool and dimly lit with candles and torches. Two male subs are crouched before their Mistress, who stands over them in her thigh high red patent leather boots, cruelly caning their bare asses. Neither one moves or makes as much as a whimper. She explains that they are instructed not to move under strict threats of punishment. I accept her offer to give each a few well-placed stripes. I give her back the cane and lead my slave to a bondage cross, hooking his leather cuffs to the piece and warming him up with my soft leather whip. I switch to a heavier whip and he continues to take it quietly, with a look of humble serenity on his downcast face. He has been trained never to frown or make an unpleasant face while in my company. I unhitch him and we go to the bar for a cold drink.

4:00 AM

We share a taxi back to the hotel with a pink winged fetish angel with long pink hair. Once in my room, my slave removes my pumps and gives me a long, slow foot massage with lavender scented lotion. I dismiss him and send him to his room with instructions for breakfast and shopping the next day.


Ms. N, a lovely brunette in her early twenties, meets me in my room,where she and I change; I into a black and pink rubber skirt and corset, garter belt, stockings and knee high PVC boots that catch the light with each step. She wears a PVC catsuit from head to toe, with pumps and gleaming chrome accents. My slave, collared and in leather pants and body harness, carries our coats, following a respectful distance back.

The Rubber Ball is in a palatial nightclub, carpeted in crimson and crowned with accents of gold. Everywhere hang huge crystal chandeliers sparkling like spider webs at dawn. Young brunette in a white latex gown and butterfly wings compliments us shyly. I thank her and accept her offer of a drink. My slave goes to check our coats, mine floor length leather trimmed with ostrich feathers; hers, a latex cape.

To our left, bathed in colored lights, is the stage. An impossibly tall, blonde creature hosts a fashion show wearing yellow and green latex. As the music pulses, lithe figures cavort suggestively , dressed in Elizabethan gowns of maroon and black, with crinolines and ruffled collars; others in gleaming chrome and chain mail; modern armor so complete as to include pointed metal phalluses. Two young models in blonde pigtails and sailor suits bare their flawless asses in skintight hot pants and platform shoes. A tall shemale with huge black wig, Elvira makeup and black wedding dress leads out a thing, barely recognizable as human, in a red latex inflatable suit, the bottom a catsuit, the top a huge inflatable heart with a breathing tube that sticks out at about the same angle as its erection.

The dark haired angel returns with my drink, escorted by my slave. They are talking. I thank her and cruelly grab my sub's nipple, hard enough to cause a quick explosion of hot pain. He flinches and gets the point. He has not been given my permission to speak without my consent. He lowers his head and mumbles his sincere apology. 

My slave is still begging my forgiveness when I greet Ms. C, a tall curvaceous blonde from Sweden, and Ms. S, an American with a simple latex gown and a sheet of long, shining, magnificent black hair. The three of us move to the right of the massive dance floor and climb the stairs to the VIP section. My slave follows, quiet now that I have accepted his apology by allowing him to buy me a pair of Manolo Blahnik boots when we return to New York.

We sit, my slave serving as a footstool, as I hear a voice address me. I turn to see a creature, male, in head to toe black latex, face obscured by the matching rubber hood. "Who are you....WHAT are you?", I ask this obviously submissive man. He explains that he assisted me with one of my gowns at a function at last year's Rubber Ball. We savor our drinks, I occasionally glancing down to drink in the sight of my slave, reverently touching my boots. Ms. C. leaves to join her leather-clad houseboy and Ms. N once again joins us. She still has the brunette in white with her. I whisper in N's ear and with a grin she pulls a rope out of her bag. I lash my slave to the brunette, face to face, my slave's ever-present erection pressing into her lower belly, only a warm layer of leather and latex separating them. I relish the squirming as I wrap them in a thin layer of plastic wrap over the rope. I leave them like that until we have finished our drinks.

I release the two subs before me and send my panting slave to get a taxi. I say good night to my friends and disappear into the night with my two pets following at my heels.