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Mistress Sabrina Winter
My Journal

Morning in Knightsbridge

It is Day 3 in London, about 9 a.m. The GODDESS has come back from the hotel gym. SHE comes out of the suite's bedroom wearing HER glittering patent leather knee-length belted raincoat. Pet m is half asleep on the couch.

'I'm going shopping. You and Frank must be good little boys while I'm out.'

SHE touches his face with HER butterfly nails.

He sees HER sinful fishnets and HER maddening platform pumps. He can't speak. He hears the sex-filled swirling of HER coat.

Frank, HER pet name for his desperate manhood, stands immediately. Aching.

'No, you and frank must wait till I come back. It will be stronger if you are a little frustrated. I feel a little naughty today'.

'But can we look at YOUR wonderful pictures while YOU're out?'

'No, you must wait.'

'But please GODDESS SABRINA, please, please, when will YOU come back?'

'You know you mustn't ask such selfish questions. I'm feeling a little naughty today and I must tease some other men. I'm going to Harvey Nichols. I'm going to force some husbands to leave their wives and follow ME. And to buy me some wonderful little presents. Today will be Dior and emeralds day, I think. I want to be amused.'

'Oh darling GODDESS, may we ask YOU one little question?'

'OK, you know I'm a very kind GODDESS and you've been good at spoiling ME these past two days.'

SHE touches his poor face again. Imperceptibly. Torturing him and frank beyond bearing.

'Well, what is it?'

'What is the colour of the thong YOU are wearing?'

'But you know, little ones, that you only want to know so you can masturbate to your image of ME. No, you have to wait and suffer for YOUR Goddess. It will be good for you both. Afterwards when you can see ME you will be stronger and even more overwhelmed with your total love for ME. '

'Oh. please, please, GODDESS, we promise we won't'.

'I don't believe you. But let's have some fun. Which thong am I wearing? Do you think it's the tiny pink one, or the red one I teased you with yesterday? Or the tiny black studded one? You must guess. If you guess right I might even give you a peek. But if you''re wrong you must suffer.'

He is in torment. Unbearably tortured. He tries to think. Frank won't let him. Then through the swirling mists of his torment he has a brainwave.

'I know, I think I know. It's the almost nothing silky blue Agent Provocateur one that we bought but that YOU have never let us see on YOUR glorious body.'

'Oh, you naughty, naughty boys. I should never have let you guess.'

Then the magical music of her coat rustling to the ground. SHE turns her back. SHE is wearing only her fishnets, HER craziest 'fuck-ME' platforms, a glowing black latex corset and the almost non-existent line of the blue silk thong becomes an imaginary line of riveting lustful suggestion between the perfect jutting globes of HER unbelievably beautiful ass.

Now SHE knows exactly - just exactly - what SHE is doing. SHE ever so gently caresses the intolerably sensual curves of HER bottom and moves HER sweet buttocks to the music of sex-filled thunderous silence.

SHE bends over. SHE reaches down and HER gorgeous fingernails smooth and caress the heaven between HER legs, the most beautiful legs in the world. The most beautiful, the most sinful, the most arousing nails. Impossibly beautiful.

Silence. m is trying desperately to control frank. Waves of lovely, lovely weakness, of out-of-this-world helplessness, maddened desire.

'I can't, I can't, I can't...'

SHE bends down over him. The blazing forest of HER hair sets fire to his mind, his body, his pathetic resistance. It tingles and teases mercilessly.

'Do you think the other boys are going to have fun? Will you think of ME making them MY little slaves? That's what I'm going to do for the rest of today. When I tire of each of them I'll send them to jerk off in the men's room. But only after I've emptied their wallets and their credit cards. Sometimes I'll take three together and then push them away.'

Frank explodes helplessly, deliriously, vertiginously. M is exhausted, almost deliciously dead.

'This evening when I come back I'll model MY little presents for you both. You had better be strong and ready. Until then, be good little pets.'

SHE puts on HER her lovely coat and walks out. SHE is smiling - radiantly, triumphantly. SHE is the most beautiful, the most erotically powerful, the most impossible-to-resist woman in London, in Europe, in the world.

We love YOU. YOU own us completely, unreservedly, always.

slave m