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Mistress Sabrina Winter
My Journal


After several emails I agreed to meet him for coffee. He sat at a small table alone, looking shy and expectant, large brown eyes fixed on the door. I entered, dressed in leather pants, black cashmere sweater, full-length leather coat and Manolo Blahnik boots.
"David?" I asked.
"Yes. Mistress Sabrina?"
"Yes, My pet. Now be a dear and get Me a large cappuccino with two Equals.

He returned with My drink and two sinful chocolate truffles.
"I - I took the liberty of getting you some chocolate. I hope you like it."
I popped one of the rich chocolate bonbons between My scarlet lips.
"Ummmm. Very nice. I do like a slave who anticipates My needs.

I allowed him to savor the other chocolate while I took a few more sips of frothy cappuccino.

After the initial interview, I decided it was time for our first session together. We took a cab to the studio. I discreetly cuffed him for the ride to the dungeon. Once there, I had him disrobe while I changed into something fabulous.

I entered the dungeon in leather thigh high boots, leather push-up bra and corset tightened to 19". Covering My creamy bottom was a tiny pair of shorts barely concealing My perfect ass. He kneeled before Me, eyes respectfully fixed on the floor.

"You may look up, My pet" I commanded.
He did so, soulful eyes drinking in My leather gear in the most respectful and reverent way possible for any naked , vulnerable man.
"Rise, slave david."

He rose and I cuffed him to an ornate chair in the corner. Once he was secure, I brought out some clamps which I attached to his small, pink nipples. He winced but did not dare scream as I screwed them tighter.

Perspiration began to bloom on his skin like dew on a rose. He trembled. His breathing deepened. Oh, how I love to get inside a slave's head and manifest My power in his body. His breathing. His thoughts. The sensitivity of every nerve ending twitching like a live wire.

I reached into a basket and brought out a thin latex string.
"What is that for?" He asked sheepishly.
"Silence". I answered. "You will find out soon enough."
"Since your manhood is your biggest source of trouble, a little bondage will help keep you in line," I explain as I intricately truss his most prized possession. He struggles. I grab one of the nipple clamps and twist. He gets the hint and sits still .

"Remember, slave, it's for your own good."

I reach into a small chest nearby and bring out a chastity harness. I fit it over the bondage and tighten it to a snug fit. And then snap it shut with a small silver padlock. I reach into the creamy perfection beneath My leather bra and nestle the key in one of the cups. His eyes follow Me as I cross the room, high heels clicking seductively against the hardwood floor. I take a fleece lined blindfold from a hook and fit it over his pleading eyes. He cannot conceal his arousal as I lean close to his ear and whisper seductively...
"You are here for re-education... Everything you were on the outside no longer exists. There is only you, and Me, and this room. You are completely at My mercy and are powerless to resist Me...